Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I know it's weird that my screen name is momof4, especially since I read most of the stillbirth stories. I feel guilty at times and hesitate to write comments because of my screen name. However, it is my definition, what I am most proud of. I am proud to be a mom of four beautiful children. Three of who are with me, and one who has been in heaven for six years now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm it!

Imagine my surprise when I wake up this morning and I find out I am "it". Haha! I have been tagged to reveal seven weird things about me. Here it goes.

1. I have germaphobia, with everything! I have to actually stop myself from becoming OCD, lol. I religiously use hand sanitizer and I make sure my kids do too. Since my girls have been in the hospital so many times because of minor things like the flu, strep, stomach flu, I feel the need to try to keep them healthy. I know sometimes I go overboard. I too do not like sharing food or drinks, with ANYONE! If someone we know is sick, we stay away (I don't want to be in the hospital with my girls if I can prevent it)

2. I don't let my kids play in those tunnels at Chuck E Cheese or ball pits. Call me a freak, but I can't help but think of all the little ones that have "accidents" in there. Plus you know they are never cleaned! Sometimes I feel bad that they can't be "normal" kids and go in there ;)

3. I have never been drunk, have never touched a cigarette, or done any types of drugs. I don't like the feeling of not being in control!

4. I have an obsession with gum. I can go through a whole pack in one day. Once the flavor is gone, I toss it out and grab another piece. I LOVE bubble gum :)

5. I love baking cakes and making them unique! I don't like plain sheet cakes, I like making 3D creatures. I have done Spiderman's head, an octopus, and a guitar, to name a few. I find it to be a good outlet. It makes a HUGE mess in my house, but I love doing them!

6. I am EXTREMELY afraid of spiders. I won't even kill them. I see one and run the other way, even if it is the smallest thing. The only time I killed one was because it was on Lexi's diaper and of course my reaction was to get it off of her. Other than that, I call my hubby to come and save the day.

7. I love watching dance. I can sit for hours and watch every detail of every dance. I love watching all the different choreography that comes out of one song. It's amazing to me that people can have such talent. I will go to competitions and watch all the dances, even if my daughters aren't participating. Some people think I am weird for sitting through EVERY dance, but I like watching it!

There are my 7 things about me that aren't "normal". I am sure I could go on too, but then again do you REALLY want to know all my little quirks????