Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Always Knew Swine Were Dirty!!

Some schools here are closed tomorrow due to the swine flu. My girls school is still open, but the schools closes are very close to where we are. I think the media is blowing all of this out of proportion, but this is very close to home now.

I don't know whether to send my girls to school tomorrow though. They are at high risk because of the diabetes. I also don't want to be paranoid, but I want to be smart and safe. They normally get a flu shot every season because of this risk. The people who have died from this strain have been people with underlying medical issues. Am I making to much of this?

I always knew swine were dirty!! I hope this passes fast and that is really is just a scare that will die down soon!

Almost done!

So this semester in school is almost done!! Woohoo! Hopefully next spring I will be student teaching and graduating in May. I can't wait to be done. I have three major papers due by next week, and with everything going on in our lives, I haven't had much of a chance to finish anything. It's going to be a long weekend :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are you serious??

I had lunch last week with some school moms. We had a good time until I brought up Cerriah's anxieties over going to junior high. I told the ladies she worries about missing class because of having to go to the nurse. It's not fair that she misses assignments or misses class instruction because she has to go there so often.
One of the mom's asked if she could do it in class. The other mom nearly flipped!! She said she would pull her daughter out of school if Cerriah was able to do that in class. She said Cerriah would have "blood" on her and she could "infect" her daughter. Are you serious??? Hello, diabetes is not CONTAGIOUS!! I know there are many other factors that involve blood, but that truly hurt me. Her daugher has autism and has an aide with her 24 hours a day. To me, needing a glucometer is just like having an aide with you. It's necessary!! I calmly told her the blood is about the size of a pin needle and she uses alcohol. She smirked and made a disgusted face. I tried not to cry.
I felt so bad, because this is an adult that should be more understanding. What are kids going to think of her?? I would love to push for her to be able to test in class so she doesn't have to make the trip down to the nurses office. She treats herself at home and knows more about the pump and carbohydrates than most adults do. Ignorant people like this mom make me upset.

Junior High

So my oldest is going to junior high next year!! Ugh, where has time gone? I have so many worries and reservations for her going to junior high. I wish I could make time stop and she could still by my baby.
She's off to her step up day there today. The school took all the fifth graders today so they can see what "life as a six grader looks like". We didn't even find out until yesterday!! We were very disappointed because it meant we had to rush to get her ready for blood sugar checks, snacks, ect while she was gone. I hate unorganization!!! I try to keep people informed so they can plan around events. The school did not do that for us, or for any of the parents. I am unsure of how many parents even know that their kids are on a bus today and at a different school. So unreliable.
Cerriah has a lot of worries about junior high. She worries about kids making fun of her and her diabetes. She worries about having to miss class to go get her BS checks. She worries about making it down to the nurses office in time. So many things that diabetes inhibits her from doing. She misses class often because of nurse visits. It's so unfair.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's been awhile since I have updated my blog. I've been terribly busy. Lexi was going through some terrible blood sugar lows, like Cerriah was a few weeks back. I couldn't get her out of the 60's ALL DAY. I had to pick her up from school twice because the nurse couldn't get her up as well :( All of that AFTER we had made major changes to her pump. She is thankfully doing well now.

Then the terrible stomach flu hit Eli! We ended up in the ER yesterday because he was dehydrated. When we got there he was pretty miserable. The doctor gave him an anti-nausea medication and he was pretty chipper in about 10 minutes. He exclaimed, "Mom, I'm a zero!!". I sat there totally confused, tired and bewildered! "What???", I asked. He happily pointed to the pain chart in the room. The "zero" was a happy smiley face, no pain!! I smiled and laughed. Leave it to my boy to say something funny.

I have lost 6 pounds in the last week. I know I needed it, but boy can stress play havoc on your body!!! Now, I'll indulge in something totally fattening and gain 8 pounds............

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Girls on a Mission

Check out what the girls are doing these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to go to their page and add their button to your page. We would greatly appreciate it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Up and Down

It's been a few weeks of up and downs!! I ended up in the ER with Eli on Sunday night. I had to drive through the snow storm to get him there. He had a fever and was having hallucinations. Apparently he has an ear infection and the fever can cause them to hallucinate. He still has the fever, I am hoping it passes soon.

Cerriah continues with her daily morning lows. I continue to adjust her basal rates in her pump. We went to her endo yesterday and he made some changes. She still woke up low. She is continously high in the evenings though.

God please give us peace and endurance to get through these hurdles.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

On the Mend

So Cerriah finally woke up today with no prodding. She was at 62, which is still considered low, but at least she can somewhat function at that number. I wish she could feel her lows in the middle of the night. Her body doesn't seem to feel them until she is in the 20's. Hopefully this is a trend of improvement that will continue.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Insanity: Take 4,568

Have you ever been on Space Mountain in Disney World? The roller coaster that they have in the dark. The anticipation is too much, you never know when you are going to turn or hit bottom. I feel like I am on a never ending ride there and I long to get off. I feel as if I am in the dark and I don't know when my girls will hit the bottom, when they'll get a low or HOW low it will go.
Insanity again today. Cerriah woke up at 38. The operative word is "woke" up. At least her eyes weren't rolling in the back of her head, but she was still difficult to rise. She was so scared to fall asleep again after yesterday morning. But I promised her she would be OK.
Am I INSANE? How can I promise her something I am scared of myself. To boot, she woke up low again. I didn't fullfill my promise.........even after checking her every hour.
I didn't sleep thinking of all that could happen. If she were home alone, things would be so much worse. What if one day our worst nightmares come true? What if she DOESN'T wake up? How much can her body handle? I know the longer you are in a "low" the more brain damage that can occur. I pray that her little body handles this stress.
She is so brave. I marvel at how she looks at life. Most people in her state would be bitter. Bitter that they can't live a "free" life. Instead she embraces life to the fullest. She has literally, "let go and let God". She amazes me with her grace, as she is poked and prodded by medical personnel, but never sheds a tear or complains. I see the wonder if the medical personnel as they wait for her to shout, to cry, yet it never comes. They ponder how such a "mature soul" is in that little body. I am proud, proud that I can see such a mature young lady. I feel sad, sad that she can't be "naive".
So here we go again, take 4,568. Honestly I lost count, but I feel as if I am in a bad movie riding that darn roller coaster and I can't get off. Needless to say Cerriah feels much, much worse.