Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tooth Fairy!

What are the odds that the tooth fairy will visit TWO of your kids on the same night? Oddly enough, Cerriah lost her last baby tooth and Elijah lost his first baby tooth! Ok, Eli really didn't LOSE his first tooth, it was pulled :( He had a cavity and the dentist opted to pull it versus doing a pulpotomy in case it creates an abcess later. But seriously, we didn't know both were going to lose them on the same day.
Eli awoke today to 5 crisp dollars under his pillow! I remember when I used to only get a quarter! My how inflation has set in :) I remember Cerriah getting 20 dollars for her first tooth. I believe other tooth fairies chipped in for her stash ;). Funny how it's an ending for Cerriah with now all adult teeth and a beginning for Eli. Life does come full circle sometimes :)

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phonelady said...

Yeah the economy has hit the tooth fairy too . LOL !!!